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3 Stage Process

Sasen’s 3 stage, CONCEPT– PERMIT– CONSTRUCTION, process is focused on bringing our clients through the necessary steps of the project with clear costs and deliverables attached to each phase.  Once each stage is complete, the client owns the deliverables and makes the decision to proceed to the next step.  Each stage builds upon the one that proceeds it so that no work is lost or repeated and each stage comes with it’s own scope, clearly outlined cost and precisely articulated deliverables.



Bring all your ideas, vision boards, Pinterest saves, Houzz favourites, and magazine cuttings.  Work with our designer to create the space you have been dreaming about and take advantage of more than 40 combined years of designing, building and renovating experience. 

The goal of this initial stage is to work through all the ideas, the ones you love, the ones you thought you loved and the ones you hadn’t even considered to arrive at the high level design that works best for you.  Next is to drill down into the costing to ensure that it fits inside the established budget.  Once we have the perfect design and the right budget number…on to the Permit Phase.



The architectural and engineering specifications, municipal documentation and permit requirements for submission of a construction proposal can be overwhelming.  This is where having professionals as your agents and advocates is essential.  We handle every detail with the city, engage the submission process professionally, efficiently and vigorously to get the permits required as quickly as possible so we can get to the final stage…Construction,


Our skilled Red Seal Journeymen, Project Managers and ITA indentured apprentices come together with our longstanding trades partners to execute a superior level of craft on every project.  Rigorous quality control, daily communication and formal weekly progress updates, accountable timelines, professional and clear invoicing.  Our processes and systems to handle everything from the date of commencement to the day you move in, we at Sasen Homes ensure that the experience is set up and managed for success.

Our commitment remains:  

Our Heart  Your Home
We Love What We Build