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Top Qualities to Look for In A Designer

Top Qualities to Look for In a Designer

We are featuring a series of posts about design for the upcoming weeks.    At Sasen Homes, we have a 3 Stage process we work through with clients.  Many clients come to us with just a concept or idea in mind and need some support to get them to being able to live in their dream home or living space.  

Some clients come at the permit phase with designs ready, while others have all the practicals done but need refining.

At Sasen Homes, we have a team of designers that we trust and work with.   We think  the top qualities people need to consider for a designer regardless of the project scope (inside space, outdoor space, or full home build) are someone who:

  • Shares your vision. 
  • Listens.
  • Has a variety of styles to share.
  • Has Experience.
  • Comes with a List of References.
  • Who is Personable.
We wanted to feature one of our team designers, Lucy Tartaglia.   Lucy is not only an interior decorator but has also studied the art of antique painting and gilding.   She has the ability of turning an old rundown chair into a beautiful piece of furniture with her designer skills.  She is lovely to work with and we always love to laugh together.  Watch our videos of our process and tour of our Yaletown loft project.   We just did not have time to capture the gorgeous views of Vancouver city.