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Our Permit Process Story

What is your Story?

About four years ago, we decided on a property and we decided to create the house that we wanted on the property.  We were fortunate to have a friend of a friend,  who came in and offered to do the work for us at a good price.  The landscaping was very beautiful, but unfortunately, a large portion of the work wasn’t up to code and it put us in a position wherein we were unable to keep the project as it was and they were unable to facilitate the correction.

At the time we were unaware of  both the engineering and the permit requirements. So we were really caught off guard after we had already spent the funds for the project.

Permit & Process:
What questions to ask your contractor?

We were fortunate that Michelle’s parents who happen to live close by, spoke incredibly highly of Matthew and they referred us to Sasen Homes. Mathew was willing to come down and chat with us about our issues and see if we could have a resolution.  I would say the lessons I’ve learned from all this, and it’s embarrassing because I’m now in my forties is that, if you’re going to do something right then do it right the first time. 

Why do you need to hire a professional contractor?

“Oftentimes, clients are not aware of the processes in place to start a project and the additional costs that come with the process but are necessary.    How could they know?   They rely on the professionals to lead the way from beginning to completion. 

In this particular case, they just did not know the correct process.  If these clients had known they required permits, geo-tech,  engineering etc., reconstruction and additional funds would have been avoided.   If they had contacted Sasen first, we would have met them and gone through our 3 Step Process: Design, Permit and Build.  As Michael said, if you’re going to do something right then do it right the first time.”  Matthew Senf, Principal of Sasen Homes

From Clients:

I would say, it felt like this was the worst thing that could ever have happened to us.  We feel real victims of the, sort of the renovation culture.  When we met with Matthew, he eased our anxiety with his knowledge and professionalism.  He encouraged us not to worry and that Sasen  Homes was going to help us out.  Matthew made us feel comfortable and that we were in good hands.  He went over everything from budget to timeline, to process.  After meeting with Matthew, it allowed us to sort of finally relax.

It was the first time in four years  that we felt comfortable that we were actually going to be able to get through this and have our house back.

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Our Permit Process Story

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